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Posted in response to Morefield Mine Va? from Derek on November 04, 2011 at 04:47:49:

Re: Morefield Mine Va?

The mine itself can be toured only at limited times, and depending on the ages of your kids they may not be able to enter the mine at all, so call first. Even if you don't get the underground mine tour, the dig area is still fun for kids. Amazonite is plentiful, although only the smallest pieces have really great color. There is lots and lots of mica which my kids loved more than anything else. I don't think there are any other significant local minerals but there is a large area that is salted with garnets, amethysts, rhodochrosite, etc. The people in the shop will show examples of everything before you dig.

You don't need to take anything except containers to carry your rocks home in, since Morefield provides shovels, trowels and buckets. The ground is pretty easy to dig in the main area. There are some places around the edges where an adult or older child might want a pick, and if you wanted to break rocks you'd need your own goggles, but with smaller children I'd recommend just letting them dig in the well-worked dirt. Have fun, and good luck!

From Adelaide - November 05, 2011 at 02:58:13

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