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Posted in response to Bent diamond blade from Jim Sebela on October 26, 2011 at 02:25:14:

Re: Bent diamond blade

Hi Jim

To start with I do not believe there is a single diamond blade manufactured in the USA at this time. Forty years ago there were a number diamond blade manufactured in the USA and they used to straighten blades at least their own blades.

There has been postings in the past on this site on how to handle a dished blade you might do a search of the archives on this site to get more information on straitening a blade yourself, I know it involves a hammer and anvil. I have several 18 inch blades myself, I haven�t the guts to try it on. It would be a big help if someone had it on a CD or DVD where you could actually see a blade being straighten, I would like to see that myself.

I did a little looking in the archives myself just now. I can�t get the wording just right to pull up what I was looking for on �straitening a diamond blade�. I know there is several posting on it. One I do recall there was a guy from the island Jamaica I believe. He said he had straitened his own diamond blades. What had impressed me was the fact he also made drums (a musical instrument) from steel oil drums So I figured if anyone know how to handle a flat piece of steel this guy would.

I know this isn�t much help, but good luck anyway.

Bob Place

From Bob Place - October 31, 2011 at 03:21:14

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