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Posted in response to Re: Stabilizing turquoise? from Joe Davis on May 11, 2011 at 17:44:03:

Re: Re: Stabilizing turquoise?

Hello Mr. Davis,

i recently read your reply to a person who posted about stabilizing turquoise.
i do hope you do not mind my writing you and asking a few questions about this technique you mention.

i am completely new to lapidary although i have got my swap lap machine, my rough and other assorted dohinkies to get me started *s*.
i have some turquoise and sonora sunrise/sunset and would like to stabilize it all.

could you please tell me exactly what it is you do with the stone?

i have the heat the stone and drop it in the epoxy mixture but....

1. do you soak it and if so, for how long?

2. do you paint it on?

3.what do you place it on to allow it to cure?

4. is there any special handling when cutting or shaping once it has been stabilized?

5. do you cut and shape before or after stabilizing?

6. lastly, what is the ratio you use and brand if you could pass it along?

if you could help me please i would be in your debt. i have been searching for months for answers. i asked a seller on ebay about this and they directed me to bob's rock shop and i then found your answer.

i know it is a lot to ask and from a complete stranger no less.

any help would be appreciated.

sorry for the bother but i do need help.

From roxanne - October 10, 2011 at 02:01:41

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