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Posted in response to Ward's again and again and again from Adelaide on September 20, 2011 at 00:34:20:

Re: Ward's again and again and again


I'll see what I can do.
A lot of what I have posted over time would not be classified as agates. Just really nice material, of the quartz varieties.
Some key rock features that I pay close attention to are shape, color, surface abnormalities. I try to key in on what doesn't fit when looking at the rocks in general, with respect to the 3 examples just mentioned.
Don't just look down. Occasionally look ahead and around you while walking. Sometimes having a different perspective will pay off. I'm always scanning the horizons, if you will. I have found many pieces at a distance that weren't on my line of travel. Leisurely is how I would describe my pace.
As for when I hunt, it is usually after the spring runoff when new material has been exposed. A general rule of thumb would be before and after tourist season. Any- time after a major rainfall or storms. Always keeping mindful of any dangerous situations present from surging water or tidewaters. The same should be said for possible rockfalls when hunting near cliff areas. You just never know when Mother Nature will surprise you.
It has often been written that one should have a spray bottle with them while hunting, I couldn't agree more. A lot of material has been weathered to the point of being unrecognizable. Giving a piece a spritz of water will help to identify the culprit.
Where I live here in lower Michigan we have a type of agate that goes by a couple different names, Waterford and Oolytic. I find pieces all the time but most of it isn't all that great, in fact my brother refers to it as Headcheese agate. But every now and then I find a nice one. The patterns are many, but the one I like has spherules of different colors within. I'll see if I can dig up a few to post.
One last thing worth mentioning is the location of your hunting. It is possible that the location you choose may not be known for producing good quality material of the type that you seek. Research is another key factor for successful collecting. Have a good one!

From Ward - September 21, 2011 at 05:32:42

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