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Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art

Karen and I recently visited the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art in Elmhurst (Chicago) Illinois. I first became aware of this museum through several pieces displayed and pamphlets distributed at the main event during past Tucson Shows, and have had it on my "wanna go check that out some day" list for years.

I very highly recommend this museum to anyone with an interest in the lapidary arts. Lapidaries in particular will especially appreciate many of the works of art on display at this museum, and I guarantee that anyone who has worked stone with their own hands will find some of the pieces at the Lizzadro totally mind-blowing.

My only disappointment with the Lizzadro Museum was with the cursory and scant information presented on the displays. While some of the particulars regarding their origin and the artists who created the works displayed at the Lizzadro have no doubt been lost to posterity in the swarf of time, visitors are all too often simply informed by label that the piece before them is "Jade (Nephrite) Chinese".

A nice picture book, "The Lizzadro Collection - Chinese Jades and Other Hard Stone Carvings", providing more in-depth information on some of the pieces is available through the museum's gift shop at the affordable price of $15.00. Unfortunately this book was published in 1982 and does not document the museum's subsequent acquisitions and a great deal of the current collection.

While I'm rather unimpressed with the Lizzadro's curation, I was highly impressed by the lapidary art. The primary focus of the collection is Chinese jade carvings, but also displayed are many stunning mosaics, intarsias, cameos, carvings and gemstones created from the entire spectrum of gemstone and lapidary materials.

Here is a collection of lapidary works that are truly art and which would stand on their own as technical masterpieces and objects of wonderment even if presented in a complete vacuum of context and documentation.

If you get a chance to visit the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art, don't pass it by. I guarantee any lapidary or appreciator of fine things will find it a memorable experience.

From Bob Keller - September 11, 2011 at 04:37:33

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