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Posted in response to new rock saw from Dan on May 03, 2011 at 21:04:53:

Re: new rock saw

Water will work for some 10", you just have to take rust precautions. But it does not lubricate as well. If your kerf is wider than the core, it should not be a problem, but depending on the blade design, you might get a big benefit form oil.

Check the pulleys. Past owners may have speeded up or slowed down the RPM of the blade. If you cannot slow the feed rate, pushing the RPM may help - if you are not exceeding the rated RPM for the blade.

Check what the blade is designed to cut. Blades for softer materials actually have harder steel. This is designed to wear more slowly because the exposed diamonds are expected to last longer. ON harder material were the exposed diamonds are expected to wear and chip more quickly, the metal alloy is softer to allow more diamonds to be exposed as needed. You want one rated at least for granite and porcelain - because these are hard materials. Rated for concrete, marble, tile, stone ... may not work well unless dressed after almost every other cut.

Check alignment of vise and blade. If not 90-deg, this can cause the blade to bind in the cut.

Check play in the arbor bearings. If they are worn and loose (you will likely hear evidence when the blade is spinning) they may push back slightly under load, and take the arbor line off of 90-deg with the vise.

Good luck!

From Daniel - May 09, 2011 at 12:48:19

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