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Posted in response to Covington 10 inch? from Glenn on April 22, 2011 at 04:40:44:

Re: Covington 10 inch?

Hi Glenn,
Like you, I was looking for a good compromise saw, and wound up buying the Covington 12 inch saw. This is way too big for use as a trim saw, in my opinion. The blade cuts too thick a kerf, and the saw throws oil everywhere. I wound up buying a Rock Rascal trim saw and have been very happy with it, although it strains to cut a tough stone like Flint Ridge flint. It also doesn't have a large work area, so a big slab has to be cut into pieces before you can fit it on the work table.
As an aside, I really haven't fallen in love with the Covington saw, especially the rock vise. My club has Highland Park saws, which are generally more expensive, but seem to be very user-friendly and do a great job.
If you belong to a club, get some experience with different makes, and check with the older members to see if they have equipment they don't use and would be willing to sell. My advice would be to buy a good saw for each use, rather than a compromise that you may not be satisfied with.
Good luck!

From Mark Gretsinger - April 23, 2011 at 04:39:58

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