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Volcanic rock found on eastern seaboard

My wife and I recently went on a business trip to Raleigh,NC (April 11th to the 15th). On Thursday she got the day off, so we decided to drive to the coast. We were up around Nags Head, on the northern start of the outer banks. We got past the condo's and houses and quickly found a somewhat secluded beach.
So as in the tradition of most beach goers, we strolled the high tide line to look for treasures the ocean had offered up. My wife eventually went back, while I traveled a little further and then began to circle back. Now for the several hundred yards that we strolled, I did not notice one rock (even though I was not looking specifically for any).
While walking back, I came upon a non-shell looking like object half buried in the sand. Scooping it up and brushing it off, I realized it was a rock. It only took me a second to realize, this was not your standard rock. It's surface was dimpled with half holes, and the under-side showed the obvious tell-tale sign of gas bubbles. It had a darker brownish thin crust surface, while the underside was a slate colored gray. Because of the crust and the colored differences, it was obvious it had broken off. I had seen this before in lava tubes in Hawaii. Was this volcanic, or possibly a meteorite?
Traveling a little further I come across a black rock. Picking it up and looking at it, my first thought was that it was a piece of charcoal from a camp fire. No soot. No smell. I bit it. It was a rock. What was going on? When we got back to the hotel, I filled the sink with water and tossed in my "rocks". They floated. When we got home, I took a torch to the tip of my "charcoal". No smoke. It glowed cherry red. I took a magnet to both pieces, looking for possible iron content. Nothing.
So. What have I come upon and why was it there? Could the current that travels north up the eastern seaboard have picked this up from somewhere, say, south of Florida?

From Mike Gramlich - April 23, 2011 at 04:39:32

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