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Posted in response to Re: Diamond Bandsaw? from Paul on March 28, 2011 at 07:14:28:

Re: Re: Diamond Bandsaw?

Paul, I beg to differ on the voltage. US household voltage is rated at 120/240. The taps are variable in the transformer supplying the power to the household. If the power company has a distance to go to feed said household then the taps are set for a slightly higher voltage to account for the drop in power due to the distance. Many manufactured tools are available for either voltage. Most households however only have 240 volt outlets (commonly refered to as 220) for stoves and dryers. This is a single phase power source. Which means you would have to have an outlet or a disconnect installed for the equipment to be used. Now the voltages do vary at times but as long as you are within 10% of the rated voltage of the equipment you are fine. It is very common for household voltage to vary from the standard rating. One may want the 220 rated equipment simply because it uses less power than the 110. But it will also cost more to have the outlet or disconnect installed initially. The thing you may be thinking of is the frequency of transmission. The US is 60 cycles, Europe is 50 cycles and I have no idea what you guys have, downunder. Chris I hope this helps.

From Ward - March 29, 2011 at 07:26:34

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