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Posted in response to Diamond Bandsaw? from Chris on March 26, 2011 at 22:12:38:

Re: Diamond Bandsaw?

Gday chris, I see you are in New Zealand,
Be careful what you ask for, In the US 220V is the equivalent of your 3 phase power, (your 415V) you may get a 220V machine from USA but it would be unsuitable for your single phase 220V. But saying that don't get too hung up about the voltage of the motor, there are several options. It may be economical to replace the motor with one locally, source the machine without motor and fit your own motor, contact the manufacturer and explain you are in New Zealand and require a single phase 220V motor, or as a last resort a stepdown transformer from 220V to 115V.
AS far as the bandsaw goes I have seen the toy saws you are talking about and didn't bother looking for long, in this case I guess you need to spend the dollars and go with a company that you can Email or hammer on their front door and demand what you require, FWIW I have bought stuff from China and the US, China is pot luck sometimes great stuff sometimes junk but usually not contactable, from USA always good and super quick and will do anything to help.
In case you didn't guess, Australia, so we are almost neighbors.

From Paul - March 28, 2011 at 07:14:28

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