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Posted in response to Were do I begin ? from billy on March 22, 2011 at 06:44:16:

Re: Were do I begin ?

First of all, Thank You for your service!
Upon your return, the first thing to do is to find one or more clubs to join. Lots of knowledge to be found there. Mineral and especially rock identification is much easier to learn if someone is there to show you. Also, consider taking a geology or mineralogy class at a junior college or university. Subscribe to magazines. If you are collecting for lapidary use, focus on things that are hard, dense, and have nice color. Agates and jaspers fit these criteria (too hard to scratch with a knife, nonporous,colorful). Facet quality material has similar qualities plus transparency and lack of cracks and inclusions. Lapis is an exception to the hardness rule. If you are collecting for specimens, crystals are usually preferred, undamaged if possible. Protect your samples, especially soft or crystallized pieces, with plenty of wrapping-toilet paper works well with an outer wrap of newspaper, foil, or plastic. Label each piece with as much information as you have on where found, surrounding rocks, etc. - and wrap the label with the specimen. Feel free to ask questions in the forum or contact me directly. Best of luck to you and come home safe!

From MikeR - March 22, 2011 at 09:59:11

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I am pleased to offer some of my finest mineral specimens. Some of them were released, many years ago, from major museums and significant private collections.

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