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Value added?

I was going through some material I had collected, and upon close examination of a thumbnail sized piece I noticed that it had three garnets (maybe more, all less than 3mm) attached to the matrix. The thing is that they are all different colors. I say garnets because the location I am talking about is known for the garnets. I am curious if the fact the garnets are all different in color does that add value to the piece? I would think so, what do you think? One is orange, one is red and the other is purple/red. My understanding is the garnets from this location are pyrope. I have to wonder though about the orange one? If I can get a picture of such a small specimen I will post it. The largest garnet found on this trip was a whopping 136 cts. I have been grinding and shaping it for a pendant for a very special someone. I would think that it should still be well over 100 cts. when I am done with it. Really wish it would have been gem quality but it is not. The three above mentioned ones are gem quality very transparent and appear to be fracture and inclusion free, looking through a 10x loupe.

From Ward - February 17, 2011 at 08:50:31

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