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Posted in response to Re: Ethiopian Opal (Welo) from mickey on December 31, 2010 at 10:26:20:

Re: Re: Ethiopian Opal (Welo)

Mickey, So far I have had a lot of fracturing going on. I have about 6 cabs finished but all are on the smaller side. The color for the most part is spectacular. Patterns and depth are great. Would love to get some larger stones though. I have noticed that in an attempt to cut the material a lot of fractures show up. I have tried to grind them out before they grow, and they will. I have found that what appears to be a very small fracture can turn a nice sized stone into several much smaller pieces, one must eliminate the problem before it grows. I gave my daughter the first one I completed for Xmas and she loved it. Everyday since I catch her opening the box and sneaking a peak, ya gotta love that! It is something to see when the stone(s) turn from a water clear piece to white then back again to water clear. I know that all do not do that, but the ones I have done have. Thanks to both you and John for your input. Happy New year!

From Ward - January 01, 2011 at 11:41:58

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