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Posted in response to Re: Oil Smell in Cloths from Ward on December 05, 2010 at 18:02:17:

Re: Re: Oil Smell in Cloths

Gale, I made a cover/shield for my 6" saw by cutting plexiglass to the dimensions of the table (3 sides). Then cutting the top to the proper table top dimensions. I used gorilla glue to set the pieces together. Once set I then added an additional reinforcing bead of glue in all areas. I have used this cover for many years. It really helps to stop a lot of the side spraying and also helps to contain most of the misting. In my case I had to cut out for the travel rod for the vise (on the left side for my saw) and also the back of the blade/splash guard at the rear of the table. The right side came all the way to the front of the table. On the left side I left it cut a bit short so the vise could fold up and out of the way when not needed. The top came forward as far as the left side, this left ample room for me to work with the cutting. My particular saw has a guard (from the manufacturer) at the front of the table directly in front of the blade to stop the spray and any flying debris from hitting the cutter. I would think that the height of my cover is between 8-10 inches, though I never really measured it. I hate stinky oil. The best place I have found so far in my neck of the woods to buy mineral oil is the "Tractor Supply" store. You may even try a "Co-op" or a local feed/grain store. In all of these cases it was under $15 a gallon. Mineral doesn't stink as much as a lot of the other lubricants. I also prespot with dishsoap for any stains, it seems to do the trick.

From Ward - December 06, 2010 at 13:12:22

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