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Posted in response to Doug Merson's Photos 10/29/2010 from MikeR on December 02, 2010 at 14:46:00:

Re: Doug Merson's Photos 10/29/2010


I use a Nikon D300 on a PB-6 bellows. For a lens I use either a 4X or 10X Nikon achromatic finite conjugate objective. The 4X gives me a 3mm FOV at full bellows extension and the 10X gives 1.5mm at full extension. The camera and bellows is set up on a Newport linear stage the is micrometer drive with .001mm travel possible using the vernier. The stage set up for the subject is mounted on a 250mm rail and consists of an micrometer drive stage capable of .01mm travel. It also has course vertical adjustment and a horizontal adjustment. All this is mounted on a 1m aluminum extrusion with T-slots. Lighting was done with a duel fiber optic light using drafting vellum for a diffuser. I am planning on switching to using flash as that will eliminate vibration problems. I will be using multiple flash units in remote operation.

Pictures are taken in raw and first processed in Lightroom 3 to clone out sensor dust spot. These are then converted to tiff for stacking using Zerene Stacker. This output is then post processed to obtain a good image. The photos I posted are from stacks of 70 to 89 images. This is needed to get a decent depth of focus. The depth of focus for the 4X objective is 63.2 micron and for the 10X objective 1.1 micron. I will post a photo of my set up when I get one.


From Doug Merson - December 03, 2010 at 17:05:14

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