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Claim Jumping, the easy way....

...I HAD a gold claim. Went out one day, to legally re-stake it. Waited 2 weeks for my 160 acres to show up on the official internet site map. It didn't happen, now, yesterday, someone else's 40 acre claim has been recorded in the very centre of what was supposed to be MY claim. No-one was out there, that day, other than me and my friend. There were no tracks thru the ice covered puddles on the road that day, but ours. So, for simply paying $20 and filling out a bogus claim filing document, this gold occurrence is now someone else's, no longer mine. They pretend to slap a single claim unit, to make it look fast and easy, for them to best my completion time, that day.
I can't afford a claim inspector, and pay $ to try to contest the claim.
The gov't won't enforce or police or scrutinize their own regulations, which only the few honest people follow. What would be the point? Whoever has done me, has had PLENTY of time to actually STAKE the claim, over two weeks now...
...Gee? I wonder if it was the big company with the open pit mine next door? The ones who had two of their geologists steal 20 rocks samples off this very claim this summer, and had assayed? I complained to MNDMF Sudbury, ON. They did nothing.

From Raymond Hietapakka - November 24, 2010 at 11:13:39

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