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Posted in response to Drilling small polished stones for stringing? from Tammis on November 21, 2010 at 09:54:46:

Re: Drilling small polished stones for stringing?

i too am getting into learning about drilling and carving. through experiment and error i have found that my bench set up for my dremel is not working well. tryed every thing i could think of even tryed oil cutting fluid out of desperation. i learned from other experts not to place any more presure then the drill itself. my bench lever puts lots more presure then i needed. and later found out that touching for less then a second on the stone and backing off, then doing that procedure many times over seems to cut as fast and keeps the bit cold and dose not stress out my cheep bits. also i learned not to use high speed. the slow speed works just as well as the faster speed, while keeping the stone and bit cooler. modeling clay was recomended to me to build a dam around the area i was working to hold more water in it. that worked well for me. and i could hold the work peice in my hand and feel the presure i was applying at the same time. one day i will get me some of them expensive cobalt dimond impregnated bits. but wow there spendy. i got my bits from harbor freight and tools. set of 50 bits for 20 bucks. so i am not too sad when i burn up a bit.

the profesionals have neat set ups. they have a fixed drill stand with no lever, and a clever dripper that drips onto the bit for steady water flow. i noticed there bits turn slower then my dremil's slow speed. then they move the beed "to the" bit. kinda oppisite of what i do. but they also drill much faster then me as well. i never seen them change out there bits after 100 beeds were drilled. they were also using the expensive bits. to my way of looking at it, there are 2 kinds of bits. the resin/diamond coated bits (cheep)and the metal/diamond impregnated bits (rediculiously spendy). however, were i to drill many holes, in effect it is cheeper for the spendy bits over the long run.

hope this gives you some ideas.

From montana - November 22, 2010 at 13:58:55

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