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Posted in response to Nonprofit for preservation? from Richard Ernst on November 15, 2010 at 17:22:38:

Re: Nonprofit for preservation? is doing an exelant job of providing information on collecting sites ( they are new, and may need help), i do not know of there info-structure on gifts.

there is 2 other sites i forgot what there names were. one is an U.S. governement geological site that provides more then just locations of deposits -but- potential sites, including the use of satalite positioning discoverys using undeveloped teck for current private use but for private vewing(FLER cameras is a new one we are starting to use privately today, as an example. fler was devloped in 1971 for satalite use only). the other one was like findingrocks but had better graphics programs in there mapping, yet a poor interface on use of there site, and bad mapping for zooming in on the satalite imaging to see road ways let alone the site. depicting to me a lack of finacing to become great. ither one is a good direction to go for increasing common knowladge, they only currently exist on advertisements. as winapika once did.

in the end. i am like you. i never keep my discoverys a secret. every one must know of the gifts of the earth that i have seen. if i was to make an edducated guess on the development of the world instucting others, it would be geologicaly. and on my current interests i might pick an online company to donate to. how every if you would chose to investigae it further i would suggest you find out all about "C. johnson and son". are the manuals still being produced? if not? has some one reprodused there efforts? my money would be going to that group of people.

gem and mineral magezine "add's" will tell you of other interests, might be good to pick up a copy. as for myself? i harvested minerals all over this planet a few times. been there. seen that. i have recently completed my efforts on locating the "first" original depost of agates. (am i ready to set the geological world on its ear? stay tuned. i do not know Sio2 over 7.6 on the moss scale? look out rubys.

there are many directions you could go with your request of (non-profit).

good luck, i wish i was you.

ila's rock shop

From Montana - November 20, 2010 at 09:06:22

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