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Posted in response to Question from new to not so new rockhounds from Pat Egolf on November 04, 2010 at 08:32:28:

Re: Question from new to not so new rockhounds

I would suggest going to some rock shows to see lots of minerals and rocks. The best place I have enjoyed is around Denver Colorado. If you go up to the mountains to a place called Netherland in the Rockies(NW of Denver), you will find so many rocks in the streams tumbling down from the mountains.
It is extremely beautiful there.And clean.
Another easy place to find rocks and minerals just lying all around in on the East Coast around the watershed areas.
CT. has alot of wooded forests and there are rocks everywhere in the watershed.
You would not want to take any of these, but there are rock walls in the forests that must be hundreds of years old. If you can find a trail through the watershed areas; they are not as nice as the Rockies, but very beautiful and lots of minerals and rocks lying around all over.
Especially red and white big ones, like granite, or marbled specked ones.
The children really like to see the "rock candy mountains", and I am sure anyone would be impressed with the exposed Rocky Mountain rocks and their process of becoming sedimentary, or conglomerate rocks as they roll down the streams and mountains.
Hours of fun may be found searching some of Bob's links.
I really like the gem and mineral dealers sites and their minerals and gem collections1!
You can find some beautiful stuff by searching Bob's Rock Links and advertisers. Students and adults all seem to really enjoy things like Bob's, Martin's, etc. collections here to get a great lesson in appreciating great specimens!!
Happy Rock Hounding!
Keep on Rocking!


From Laura - November 06, 2010 at 06:19:43

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