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Crazy Newbie Question

Hi, I am fairly new to Rockhounding, but love it. I started as a kid, then life happened. I recently got back into it, almost a bit obsessive. I took my son to Cape May NJ and we collected a lot of Cape May Diamonds (aka Quartz). But I had to go above and beyond. I took a chunk of beach with me from Cape May and made a small display in my front yard, complete with shells and a little sign. Last week a made a trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior and collected a lot of rocks. I was mostly searching for agates but there were so many unique and interesting rocks I actually have very few agates (most of which are small to medium). What I did find that I really liked while combing the beaches was a grey rock that seems to be stained with rust creating a black and red color when wet. I collected a lot of these but when they are dry they just look like grey rocks. What I want to do is present them as black and red rocks in my insane landscaping project. I have two ideas, the first is to buy a large rock tumbler to polish them, the second is to use some kind of clear coat paint. I also have several red rocks with quartz or agate bands the look much better when wet. Basically I want to make my rock display look wet? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!!!


From Chris - October 29, 2010 at 07:56:48

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