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Posted in response to Flat lap motor from Allie on October 14, 2010 at 08:36:17:

Re: Flat lap motor

OUTstanding research you have done there Allie. i would be plesed to call you freind. for information is never free. it takes work. and i see you worked hard on this, the motor was original designed after the first tessler motor. your motor is tired. take off the vibrating counter weight and shave off a few micro bits off it and the motor will run cooler (not much, but a bit). this is not a perfect solution but will give you a few more years of life before the coils over heat and melt the copper coils. you will lose a tiny fraction of vibratory action but the motor will run a bit longer( they over vibrate anyways). the damage in your case is due to wear on the magnetic shaft interesting enough. most motors have no bushings.(that was a new designed that came popular back in the 70's. and wicked popular in the 80's) which causes the magnectic coils to run lopsided towards one side. causing extra presure on the coils. which in turn causes the extra heat from the friction of touching the coils. if you should need to get a new motor after that? check out the garbage can. tons of useable motors are thrown away every day. all you need to do is attach the counter weight to it. i made me a 105 inch lap polisher that way out of the garbage. and i now can lap polish my 50 pound slabs. the counter weight i had to use was a peice of 1/4 pound montana dry head agate i glued to the shaft . hahaha god bless american inganuity. i made a small 2 inch lap vibrator to do a tiny slab and save grit. out of my old walkman tape recorder. i never worrie about it burning up for i can always get free motors. my equipment dose not look preity, but when some one walks in my house and says "oh my god" i don't care how preity my equipment looks. just the final result of my stones.

never byuy a lap that uses bushings. but that is just my opinion.

From Montana - October 15, 2010 at 08:58:17

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