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Flat lap motor

Got a 12in vibrating flat lap and I believe the elec motor is dying. After running 4-5 min it gets hot to the touch, so much you can't hold your hand on it. It's a vibrating motor and when I took it apart could not see anything visually wrong, admitting I'm no authority on elec motors. Seem to be brushless, or they are hidden in there somewhere. I had thought it might need brush replacement to cure the overheating. Shafts into their bearings are okay, no sideplay. Applied some oil to the "permawickK holes since they appeared dry. I checked internet at several elec motor sites for replacement or repair possibilities and in each case they require you to ID the motor. Doing so produced ZILCH, even using their search function. At one site they listed 37 pages of Dayton motors, but no 3M-055 to be seen. The info on the motor is as follows:

115V 1520 RPM 2.6 AMPS
Dayton Electric Mfg. CO. Chicago
Permawick Lubrication

Any suggestions, anyone? Would it be practical to have stator windings redone, or whatever might be needed, costwise? Or, just toss it and look for another unit?


From Allie - October 14, 2010 at 08:36:17

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