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Posted in response to Re: Ward's Photo HPIM4603.JPG from Ward on September 10, 2010 at 17:02:45:

Re: Re: Ward's Photo HPIM4603.JPG

YES Ward!
Now we see it and it is wonderful. Still have to go back and look again at the lizard head on 3rd cut down. The eye of the lizard looks so is poking its head over the white and all you can see is the head looking at you...only one eye above the white rectangular shapes. Fabulous! This kind of reminds me of how the Greeks saw all the constellations in the stars! I saw The Greek bowl during the meteor/comet show a couple of weeks ago! I saw my portion so to speak...and it is a lot (or great)!
I cried I was so moved by the stars, the falling stars,,, and all! It was a Mid-Summer' Nights Dream if there ever was one, as the sky showed purples, blues, greens, blacks, with twinkling stars of all colors and a gentle warm breeze reminded me of the wonders of Nature.
The rocks are just as beautiful. That is what I would like my Art Students to learn: To See The Beauty Of The World..Everyday, In Everyway!
Keep On Rockin!
Thanks for the beautiful rock pics here!!
We love to look at them!

From Laura - September 14, 2010 at 10:47:49

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