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Posted in response to 18 from Thomas H. Louthen III on September 10, 2010 at 09:45:22:

Re: 18

Those of you needing parts for Highland Park saws may be interested to know the Highland Park trademark has been acquired by John Rowland, who is going to start manufacturing them again (in China of course).

So far just a place holder page and no substantive information has been published on that site, but its a URL you may want to bookmark for future reference.

I'm not knowledgeable regarding all the details surrounding the new Highland Park project, such as if the new saw parts will actually be interchangeable with the old saw parts. Needless to say it will be interesting to see if the Chinese made Highland Parks are the equal of the long defunct, domestically made Highland Parks and how they will wind up price point wise compared to the products of other saw manufacturers like Diamond Pacific and Covington.

Members were recently discussing Highland Park equipment on my "Lapidary List" Yahoo group, and John Rowland responded by posting the following there:

[... Re: rock saw parts- highlandpark 24"

For those interested, here are some of the answers to the questions that
Kreigh asked:

I registered the Trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

During the life of the Highland Park Manufacturing Company, there is no
record of the mark being officially registered.

Diamond Pacific never used the mark for their product line and neither did
Barranca. When Contempo bought Highland Park, there was no transfer of the
mark recorded, and the HP products were no longer being manufactured and
sold under the HP name. Likewise, when Diamond Pacific bought Contempo, they
did not transfer a trademark, nor did they use the mark in commerce. Here
is some info on maintaining trademarks:

I had been thinking for some time about building the saws, and after
securing the trademark, I decided in early 2009 to revive the Highland Park
Saw line as they are considered one of the best saws out there. I reverse
engineered the 24" and the 18" saws to begin with, but I will be building a
14" and 10" saws as well. I have a production run in process for 20 units
and am taking orders presently. I am also offering parts for the 18 and 24
saws as well. The 24" saw retails for $3000 and the 18" saw is $2200. They
are built with the same heavy construction as the original units. My intent
is to offer a quality machine at a fair price and will do my best to keep
the prices low. The current prices are valid until feb 28th 2011. What I
want to achieve the most from doing this is to help make the hobby
accessible to more people. I have been a lapidary since 1970 and my first
saw was a Highland Park. I feel quite lucky to have the knowledge and skill
to make this a reality. I hope it is successful.


John Rowland
The Highland Park Lapidary Company (the website is under construction and we hope to have it
up in about 5 weeks) ...]

You might be able to contact John Rowland by the email he used to post to the above to the Lapidary List:


For those of you who may be interested in participating on the Lapidary List, the URL for that group is:

Keep on Rock'n!
Bob Keller

From Bob Keller - September 11, 2010 at 19:22:19

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