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18" Highland Park With Problems

I am a 64 year old retired jeweler(started as a lapidary) who has gotten back to his first love which was cutting and polishing pretty stones. I officially retired as a jeweler when gold went insane ( I once lived on a gold claim in Oregon when gold was $38 an ounce). I recently made a series of purchases over the past several months that has made me semi-retired. I guess you could say I have a rock shop. The problem is I was really never quite a rockhound. I have an 18" Highland Park slab saw (always wanted one), that was part of one of the purchases. There are some problems with the saw and as wonderful and simple as Highland Park is, I need some help. I live in Southern Ohio and have made some feeble attempts to find someone locally who might be able to give me some help, to no avail.
Without standing with me looking at the machine and brainstorming I'm not sure how someone can pass on the knowledge required to fix the problems. Someone has altered the machine so that the auto shut-off is no longer there, the blade guard is missing, and there are several leaks at places where bolts go through the tank, etc. The people at Diamond Pacific have been very helpful and sent me a schematic and parts list. But, my saw seems to be even older than the pictures from the manual they were nice enough to send out. The pictures also have been reprinted so many times that they are very difficult to make good decisions from. It seems to me that the only solution to my problem is to call up my friendly Highland Park representative to come out and fix my saw. Any suggestions?

From Thomas H. Louthen III - September 10, 2010 at 09:45:22

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