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jasper? or agate? both? or not

there seems to be some contention as to the name of this rock. i have always know it as jasper. back in the 70's mom called it wyoming jasper. she also had this marked as spence agate. there is a town named spencer wyoming i belive. i for one can not find any spence agate on the net. nor can i find any jasper like this on the net. on an info site i did see a peice of red jasper similar with the unorthadox bands of agate inclusions. it is an extreamly hard stone. my saw works harder to cut this then it dose for a moss agate. and i can feel the increased tention needed to use it on a trim saw. so its a hard stone and i supect it is from valcanic actions much as agates were formed. the lighter brown is not iron deposits, however the darker browns tend to show some individual ferious deposits in it. i have not found ANY drusey or calcite crystal gowths in this gemstone. and i have cut a pile of these. it holds a very high polish. i have not seen any gemstome fractures in it todate other then the fractures on the gray sedementary edges of the stone.

this is bugging me. i have several 20 and 30 pounders i want to get my saw into in hopes of finding a musieum quality display peice i can donate. how ever. i can not for sure lable the gemstone for donation till i find out if my fellow rock hounds can help me with its nomenclature.

thanks for the help. and good luck helping me find the name for this amazing cool stone. i did try to post a pic for you all to see.

From montana - August 22, 2010 at 21:52:12

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