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Posted in response to Polishing Disks from Jenny Summerville on July 30, 2010 at 08:13:42:

Re: Polishing Disks

We had similar issues at Old Pueblo Lapidary Club in Tucson after replacing a number of Poly Arbor expando drum belt units with a new Titan and two new Genie cabbing machines, all with brand new diamond soft wheels, at significant cost to the club.

Within short order virtually all of the soft wheels were ruined, even though a club cabbing class was (theoretically) required of anyone using our cabbing facilities during open shop sessions.

The bottom line is it only takes a couple of abusers to ruin very expensive equipment. Unfortunately, if it's not coming out of their own pockets directly, there are always a few who have no respect for club owned equipment.

In the case of Old Pueblo Lapidary Club, it wasn't a matter of ignorance of proper technique on the part of the abusers that destroyed the soft wheels, it was simply not giving a damn about the cost club owned equipment. I'm quite certain that if the abusers had been working on their own soft wheels at home they would have used them with great care. But why bother to buy your own when there is a whole club who will buy them for you?

There was also a very disconcerting and irresponsible lack of administrative and political will on the part of the club officers and board of directors to revoke privileges of known abusers, who by all rights should have had their membership revoked and been expelled from the club. One of the worst abusers of the club cabbing equipment also sat on the club board [big sigh].

As a club instructor and open shop moderator I became very disenchanted and discouraged over the entire issue. One conclusion I drew out of the experience is that it is a mistake to outfit club cabbing equipment with diamond soft wheels. Given the realities of the OPLC club environment, the Poly Arbor expando drum belt units running silicon carbide belts were much more serviceable and more economically maintainable.

Repairing or replacing abused wheels isn't the solution. Ferreting out the abusers is. Failing that, it is simply unfair to the rest of the club members to continue casting pearls to the swine.

Good Luck, and Keep on Rock'n!

From Bob Keller - August 03, 2010 at 12:25:59

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Bob Keller