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Posted in response to Polishing Disks from Jenny Summerville on July 30, 2010 at 08:13:42:

Re: Polishing Disks

Jenny, I strongly advise using less pressure when you are cabbing. Nothing hurts worse than shelling out that kind of money for replacement belts, wheels...... Seriously consider teaching your rock buddies to tone it down a bit when working their material. Everyone wants to get to the final stone, but a little patience goes a long way. Especially now that you have a new UT faceting machine. It will be mighty painful if any of you get close to finishing a gem and just when you least expect it BOOM!!!!!!!! you have ruined the gem of your life. No, I am not speaking from experience just forewarning. Kind of reminds me of the Big Bull and the Little Bull, never mind. Anyways, the point is not to be in a rush and destroy what you all have paid good money for. If anyone is interested, Home Depot has 6" & 8" cork disks in their nursery section really cheap, you will however have to make your own 1/2" hole. Enough said.

From Ward - July 31, 2010 at 09:46:29

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