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gem collecting locations

i just love to read post here at "bobs rock shop". this is an exelant venue for us rock hounds to share information and recive expert opinions.

in reading the posts here i see we have a new generation of rock hounds. and that those rock enthusisits are asking where to go hunting. as an avid rock hound myself, i in good conscious have always tryed to share my special locations i have found beutiful rock formations, fossils, and ancient artifacts.

for the newbies i would recomend buying a copie of "Coast to Coast Gem Atlas". there are some crazy people out there selling them awsome books for rediculious prices. the books are published by Cy Johnson & son. out of susanville, calif. the books are oddly enough very acuratly showing gem hunting locations. i am not certain if the books are still being printed but are being sold online from 4 dollars to 20 dollars.i see that earthlight is selling them at a resonable price. Cy Johnson & son also made the goast town hunters atlas, minerals, presious gems, gold, guides to hunting, fossil, and so on. a rock and/or mineral club are nice groups of people that will almost always know the good places to go. i will no longar share my information for artifacts. to many people have raped the caves and areas in my state. sometimes litteraly cutting cave paintings out of cave walls.

the unwritten rules for rock hounding should always be followed.

1: Please check with the Bureau of Land Management to see what the rules and regulations are for the area your interested in.
2: should a location be on private land always research whom the land owner/s are and contact them for permision to seek out the rock treasures.
3: we must always try our best not to upset the delicate land structures. if i have to walk an extra mile or 2, i always do rather then pound the ground with my vehicals. and besides. i find lots of treasures walking on the way to the site.
4: it is common courtisy after having been given permision after hunting to send them a nice note of thanks. mom would bake something and/or go visit them to say thanks. (so as not to ruin it for other rock hounds in the future, but promote kindness from us rock hounds instead.) i can not stand cooking something so i useualy take the best peice i found and ither donated it to a governmently funded musium as thanks to state or federal lands. for private lands owners i make a nice gift from the best gemstones. what ever way you come up with to say thanks. it is a good thing.

the last words in my books are "your rock shop may have these books or can get them, or wright for catalog cy johnson & son box 288, susanville, ca. 96130".
but my issues are old ones from the early 80's. the adress may have changed over the last 30 years. i hope this information helps out.

happie hunting rock hound freinds.

From Montana - July 28, 2010 at 08:41:01

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