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Posted in response to fine tunnig my saw from roy kessell on July 18, 2010 at 19:54:56:

Re: fine tunnig my saw

saws are a very touchie creature. it is awsome you are asking questions about it here, for i see that you see how important great care for your saw is taken. them dang saw blades are wicked expensive. even "if" we can get them reconditioned.

saw vibrations are our enemys!!!

before running you new blade, i would recomend a complete overhall of your saw. re- pack the arbor races (AKA berrings) with axel grease or any packing grease of your chosing. the very very most important thing on a new blade is how well are your arbors are still supported by the bearing supports. a micro meater in arbor stuffing boxes is all the differance in the world to a clean grade 220 grit cuts. i have a 30 year old 16" saw that makes awsome cuts. bought it for 50 bucks, then fixed the arbor mountings. (a lose or imporper positioning of suffing boxxes can cause a vibration, vibrations cause dirty cuts). still useing the original saw blade.

also, and just as important your belt and the tention the belt uses can cause a vibration, that WILL harm the stuffing boxes positioning. (this is not an automobile) lose tention on the belt is a good thing. i like to keep my belt tention when pressing with my index fingure on the center of the belt where the belt is faurthest from the pullies- to have at least 1 or 1 and 1/2" inches of play with light pushing (one way. not 1 inch one push, and 1" push the other direction. totaly belt play can be 2 to 3 inches left and right pushes) how ever the belt leangth is interesting, i am useing and old reconditioned lortone. had to move the tesler moter closer and a shorter belt and my belt play changed on that modle to 3/4 inches. yet your saying your using an 18 inch saw so the items i am sugesting are still in play for the old belt lengths. if your using an auto feed and shut off saw the belt tention is important to a clean cut and possable damage to the blade. regardles just try not to have a belt wobble.

it is of my opinion if your belt when running wables while running, your belt is just a bit under the vibration limites of causing stress on the suffing boxes and should be slightly tightened. the motor vibrates mostly, and causes the motor mounts to move and can casue the belt to vibrate more. i like to tighten my motor mountes with like 12 billion pounds per square inch. hehehehe, just kidding. so that it can never be an issue with the saw with me. do all these things and still get a bad cut? its the saw not your equipment suporting the saw blade.

just remember this. always take care of your equipment daily that discovers unseen marvales of our planets creations.

From montana - July 20, 2010 at 07:41:51

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