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Posted in response to Disdero Agate from MikeR on July 09, 2010 at 13:27:21:

Re: Disdero Agate

Hi Mike. So far I haven't been selling or trading any of my Disderos. I like to post pics of this deposit because it's very unique to Canada, the color combos. I have been thinking about selling some but don't know what to charge. I may been open to offers for specimens or rough as I have accumulated more than I can work though I appreciate looking at all of them! If you're interested in buying some let me know. Thanks for the kind remarks Mike!

From Warren - July 10, 2010 at 13:41:22

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[Note from Bob Keller: I've allowed this post to Rock Net in spite of the non-commercial policy of this venue, because I believe Warren's postings of the Disderos pictures were innocent show-offs. However, I must be even-handed in enforcing the non-commercial policy of Rock Net, so if you have further business to conduct, please do so off the board. Warren, if you want to sell your Disderos or other material, you are welcome to advertise it on the Rock Trader Classifieds and my Rough for Sale Yahoo Group. Thanks for your understanding and compliance.]

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