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Posted in response to Ok you faceters from Ward on July 08, 2010 at 22:44:14:

Re: Ok you faceters

Hi Ward,

Spectralaps are cerium oxide. They differ from cerium oxide Ultralaps by virtue of the cerium oxide supposedly being a higher grade (purity). It seemed to me the Spectralaps also had a thicker, or at least more durable, coating of cerium compared to the Ultralaps, because they seemed to last longer. However durable is a relative thing, as I typically go through several Spectralaps when polishing a large stone.

I have used Spectralaps for years to polish faceted quartz stones with satisfying results. I simply place them over my prepolish lap and raise the quill on my Graves faceting machine 1 click, and off I go, perfectly aligned to polish, no muss, no fuss. I consider Spectralaps cheap for that convenience and the time saved diddling in the alignment for a different polish lap.

Unfortunately, the last two packages of Spectralaps I purchased were horrid, scratchy dogs. Other faceters were bitching about the same issue on the USFG Faceters List about the same time and scuttlebutt had it that the actual manufacturer of them had changed and the quality on them has gone south. Hopefully the quality control issues will be addressed but I won't buy any more until I hear others reporting better results with more recent production.

The Spectralaps I've used have always been blue. The regular cerium Ultralaps I've used were brown, but its been years since I bought any of them.

May all your scratches be little ones!

From Bob Keller - July 08, 2010 at 23:08:52

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Bob Keller