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Posted in response to higland park E10 restartup procedure? from Tom Knoch on June 26, 2010 at 09:41:14:

Re: higland park E10 restartup procedure?

Hi Tom,

I have an E10 and have been researching it for a while. The E10s were actually designed for 8" blades, not 9", but 8" are no longer available. (The series was designed c. 1950). I took the long way, I tore it down as far as I could and checked and cleaned everything. The only thing I had to replace were some improper grinding wheel supports that a previous owner had installed, everything else, including the bearings, were OK. The previous advice of just listening is a very good method of examination if you don't feel like pulling it apart. BTW, I live in AZ too.

I use water + non-toxic antifreeze (propylene glycol), NOT the toxic ethylene glycol type, for the blade. I personally have found no advantage of oil over water, and water is so much cheaper and cleaner. Your experience may be different. With the addition of the antifreeze, I also haven't had any problems with rust, but if the saw is going to be idle for more than a week I drain the coolant reservoir from the valve on the back. Just remember, with water you have to run the blade a little slower because it cuts faster than in oil.

Hope this helps.


From Tim Casey - July 02, 2010 at 17:34:31

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