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Posted in response to higland park E10 restartup procedure? from Tom Knoch on June 26, 2010 at 09:41:14:

Re: higland park E10 restartup procedure?

you will need an almag oil. product code 1564. this oil is commonly used for machining and grinding of metal alloys. its not common to find this in a retail store. ask around to a machining company as to where they purchisce theres. typicaly rock saws are in a housing so as not to let the oils and oil vapors escape. if your saw dose not have a hosing to cover the saw while it is in opperation then yours is more then likely a trim saw. most all trim saws use water base. there should be a water pump on your modle. my trim saw has a 9 inch blade and is water bathed even though my trim saw has clamps to hold the work. jack cole also has an e-10. he feachered his saw in the photo gallery on 9/20/2009. if yours is like that picture then it is a water bath trim saw. those saws are known to need maintance of the berrings. get a small tube of axal grease and finger press in the grease to the bearings if you do not have a zerk fitting to inject the grease to. i am familuar with those types of lapadary machines and they are absolutly a work horse. darn near indestructable.

when cutting rocks with that saw the lighter the presure you apply the better off you will be in the long run. just keep good presure on the rock to the surface of the work plate when lightly pressing it into the saw blade. as you are new it is important to take your time cutting a slab. hurring through the prosses can ware down the saw blade faster. and we all want our saw blades to last as long as we can before reconditioning them or buying a new blade.

arizona is a yummie place for tourmaline crystals and obsidian (appachie teirs) as well as many other gem stones. have fun with your new found hobbie. i love it too.

From montsns - June 27, 2010 at 07:54:53

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