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Posted in response to Looking for some red crazy lace agate from Phil on June 03, 2010 at 09:10:26:

Re: Looking for some red crazy lace agate

the crazy lace agate as you call it is more commonly know as dryhead agate, only one place to get that good stuff on this planet, and it is closed to mining. before they closed it the land owner called us up so we filled up a pickup load in 1978. todays market is showing 40 dollars a pound on the retail market for cut slabs of one pound. if you can find better then that grab it, i have been to that deposit many times deer hunting and there is not all that much there to flood the market. the price is only going to go up. mexico and rusia have similar laced agates but nothing comes close to the complexed patternes as dryhead. in the mid 1980's 2 girls from california purchased the mineral rights for the gem stone. they drove up the price to 10 bucks a pound by the mid 90's. the word got out how hard it is to get and the price rocketed from there. the fine peice you displayed in your picture is fractured. but that is a common event with the dryhead agate, if you get a peice to work with that is not fractured your in hog heaven. bear inmind the non-fractured peices are spendy but in my opinion worth a cuple extra bucks. museum quality peices slabed in geode form HAVE range from 200 to 6,000 bucks as per my investigations. right now there is a good deal of dryhead agate on the market. it should be easy for you to google it. lastly this is only my personel opinion, but e-bay may be a mistake to purchase from, i got screwed every time i tested that market. so i will never buy nor sell there.

From montana - June 23, 2010 at 08:30:50

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