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Joes 19 lb limbcast photos

I was up at wandering around the S Fk limbcast area in the snow flurries last weekend and looks like I was a few days too late again.
I was really pleased that I found 3 nice fist sized pieces of limbcast poking out, but that 19lb monster,WOW!!!

I was just wondering, Joe, if you were digging in a pit, or some, most or all was showing on the surface.Chunks I found were all showing on surface and plain as day.

Just goes to show that after all these years of people traversing through the hills and juniper up there, good stuff comes to those who are willing to put in time and effort.
Of course good luck and having the rock gods smile upon you always helps too.

From fosldog - May 26, 2010 at 18:31:37

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