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Posted in response to Re: Rockhounding Oregon from charles stevenson on May 22, 2010 at 17:56:54:

Re: Re: Rockhounding Oregon

Hi Charles,

I had a few recommendations for you -

First, there are nice leaf fossils on the hill behind the high school in the town of Fossil, OR. Park a the school and head out past the baseball field, you'll see white siltstone/limestone exposed in the hill above. If you spend half an hour there, I'm sure you'll find a few nice pieces.

Glass Buttes has spectacular obsidian deposits. If you drive the "road" around Little Glass Butte, you'll see pits where others have mined various types of obsidian. There you can find relatively large (3 pound)pieces of mahogany, midnight lace, and other varieties of obsidian. I wouldn't recommend going there in a passenger car, (though I have) some of the ruts in the track around the butte are fairly deep. Also, make sure you have a good spare tire. I've never had a flat there but there is obsidian in the roadbed as well as on the butte.

There is so much material at Glass Butte that, in some places, you literally cannot take a step without walking on a piece of obsidian.

Finally, I hope you will return to Richardson's ranch. It isn't free, obviously, but it's a great chance to dig your own thundereggs with a great deal of success (and some of the eggs are really beautiful).

Hope you find this helpful.


From Wade Wilcox - May 24, 2010 at 10:47:07

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