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Posted in response to Rockhounding in Arizona from James on May 04, 2010 at 10:49:35:

Re: Rockhounding in Arizona

James; Try thats the website for tucson gem and mineral society. Probably one of if not the best club in the country. Mindat .org is a wealth of info also the book Mineralogy of arizona. You could also visit the AZGS bookstore on I think 414 w Congress.Another book you could try is the one by Neal Bearce actually I think he has two but I don't recall the names but have been to some of the sites. I might recommend the Helvetia area (info and maps in his book) south of tucson if you haven't been there. You'll have to do some searching but the potential is there and enough different places to keep you busy for a long time. I've found Malachite, azurite , chrysocolla, turquoise aurachalcite, rosasite and more mostly not the greatest specimens but some nice pieces and some cutable stones if your into lapidary hope this helps. Anything in specific you are looking for? Maybe I'll have more tips. Dave

From Dave Owen - May 04, 2010 at 23:55:19

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