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Posted in response to Re: Ohio Flint Source? from Rich T. on April 13, 2010 at 08:46:32:

Re: Re: Ohio Flint Source?

Hi Ernie -

Well, I feel great about finally being able to contribute something to Rock Net after YEARS of sitting on the sidelines...

Roy Miller now has a website

He has also canceled his land line and his new phone number is 330-473-7041. He just began digging at his personal quarry last week and only for a few hours. His quarry floods in the spring and quickly refills with water after he pumps it out.

The flint from Flint Ridge is truly impressive - each quarry there is has different material, but all is very good.

Material from the public collecting area is called "Nethers" material - named after the landowners. The Nethers location is fairly large (by Flint Ridge standards) and has probably five acres of good collecting. It's located a less than 100 feet from the paved road - parking is easy, and the entire area is shaded. You may dig anywhere in the collecting area, though most of the good flint is 4-5 feet below ground and most folks extend the diggings in one of the many existing pits. The Nethers material comes in every color of the rainbow, but blacks, yellows, reds, blues and grey-banded material are most common. Make sure to knock a window into each piece you collect to make sure that the color you see isn't merely patination (this is especially true for the dark red material). Also be sure to give each piece a few taps to determine how solid it is. You can also find large pieces (bowling ball-sized) with beautiful crystal layers. The material sells for 50 cents per pound - pay at the house across the street.

Please feel free to email me for exact directions to the Nethers collecting area.

I have not visited Gary Hardy's location (very near the Nethers location) but the material from there is beautiful as well. His flint has more oranges and pinks than other quarries and is a high-quality material. I have heard that he will sometimes allow collectors to dig material themselves, but I don't know how often, etc.

Roy Miller owns 7 acres of land abutting the Flint Ridge State Memorial and Museum. His material is also very high quality and colorful. Flint from this site is typically referred to as "Corner Flint." Roy's quarry is closed to the public, but I think he might lead a collecting trip to his place once a year when the Flint-Ridge Knap-in takes place (Sept. 3,4,5 at the Museum)though I'm not certain.

Roy's material is often difficult to acquire for a number of reasons -

First, Roy uses much of the Corner Flint for himself. He will first make certain he has enough material for his own needs and then will sell off additional stone. One of the premier flintknappers in the U.S., Roy prefers to work Corner Flint above all other material (though you won't hear him brag about how great it is) I think he likes to let the stone speak for itself. He prefers to heat-treat his flint to bring out the color (as many of the Native Americans in Ohio did).

Second, Roy doesn't always hit on pockets of really colorful stone. He has gone full collecting seasons with little or no highly-colored material.

Third, he sells out of material very quickly when he does get it. I know right now he has no lapidary material, no tumbled stone, and possibly a few buckets of flintknapping rough (he roughs out each piece into a preform to determine color, pattern, an suitability for knapping).

Keep in mind that Roy is very straightforward, when he says he doesn't have material or isn't sure if/when he'll get it, he's not being cagey, he's being honest.

I hope this helps - I am addicted to collecting Flint Ridge flint. Two weeks ago I took 300 pounds out of the Nethers location from a newly-opened pit (not easy to explain to my wife since I have buckets full already!)

P.S. - Thanks to all of you who have contributed so much to Rock Net over the years - I've benefited greatly from you knowledge and effort.

From Wade Wilcox - April 13, 2010 at 12:17:58

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