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Judging from the size of pieces you have, you are entering a very big task, but certainly worthwhile when completed. Look up and on their supplies and equipment site, see the Barranca wet polishing kit. This, in my opinion is about what you will need to accomplish your desired result. We have a few large pieces of moss agate and pet. wood I am working at polishing, but can't justify the cost of the complete kit because of small material volume; I purchased a cheap angle grinder [harbor freight], rigged a water supply to it, and am moving through 4" masonery wheels [hardware store], diamond grinding wheels[Fastenall], and grit loaded pads[pads from hardware store]. I work at this outside when the weather permits, and it's getting there, but a long way to go, perfecting my method as I go. Should you attempt from this general approach, a GFCI is needed in the electrical circuit, electricity and water don't mix well with people.

From Larry Larson - April 10, 2010 at 16:48:42

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