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Posted in response to Lake Superior Agates & Keokuk Geodes from Jane on March 25, 2010 at 00:46:07:

Re: Lake Superior Agates & Keokuk Geodes


Saw your inquiry on Rock Net and thought I would offer some help. We list the following places in our Keokuk Visitor's Guide, however as you know geodes are much more plentiful than that. Many of them are on private property.

Send me your address if you would like our Visitor's Guide or if you would for more information.

Keokuk Area Convention & Tourism Bureau


� Geodes were designated �Iowa�s State Rock� in 1967.

� The word �Geode� comes from the Greek meaning �in the shape of the earth�.

� The large number of mineral inclusions and the exquisite crystal groups that they form have made the Keokuk Geodes the most beautiful and the most sought after of all geodes by museums and collectors the world over.

� Because of over-collecting, good quality �Keokuk Geodes� are becoming much harder to find. Collectors have come from all over the United States to try their luck.

� Keokuk Geodes should be opened by chisel and hammer. Using a saw could cut through a secondary mineral or crystal, ruining the specimen.

� Keokuk Geodes sometimes reach 2 feet across and larger. These sizes are rare. The most common size of Keokuk Geodes is about 3-4 inches across.

� Most Keokuk Geodes occur within a 35-mile radius of Keokuk, Iowa.

� Southeastern Iowa is one of the state�s best Geode collecting areas. Geode State Park in Henry County is named for the occurrence of the geode.


� The Bevard Collection of Keokuk Geodes found in the tri-state area are displayed at the Holiday Inn Express, 300 Main Street, Keokuk.


Dennis Stevenson Geodes
625 S. 18th St. � Hamilton, IL � 309.337.3089

Jacobs Geode Shop & Mine
823 E. County Rd 1220 � Hamilton, IL � 217.847.3509

Nick�s Geodes
251 N. 7th St. � Hamilton, IL � 217.357.5384

Wildcat Springs Park � Hamilton, Illinois

From Kirk Brandenberger - April 02, 2010 at 19:32:28

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