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Posted in response to What to do next? from Sharon on March 29, 2010 at 19:29:15:

Re: What to do next?

Hi Sharon

You are at a crossroads a lot of us have been at. If you stay with the hobby it gets to a point where it gets to be a drain on the family budget to a point if you and your hubby are not involved in the hobby you start felling guilty about the money you are spending. You might want to keep your eyes open for craft shows in your area and set up at one of them. Most people can�t make a living out these shows, but it sure is a good felling the next time you go to a rock show to have the money you made at a craft show to spend. I remember the first rock show I went to after doing a half dozen craft shows about 35 years ago. At any rate I came up to a dealers booth from Oregon he a number of those beautiful jasper from Oregon that we rarely see on the East coast. He had three grades of the same jasper in the past I would have to settle for the lower grade and maybe if my wife was not standing around slip in a slab of the middle grade. Don�t get me wrong my wife would never say you can�t have the better grade because a wife being silent some times says more. Back to my Oregon Jasper I pulled out my craft show money and said let me have the best you got with a clear conscious.

Hope this helps.

From Bob Place - April 01, 2010 at 15:06:29

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