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What to do next?

I have been a rockhound for about 12 years out of my 62 years of life. My husband I have rocks of many kinds, My passion has grown for hunting, finding, collecting, cutting, making cabochons, and beading jewelry. I have even become editor for our local rock club. My question now is what can I do next with my collection of rocks. I don't find making cabs satisfactory enough. Collecting rocks and leaving them in boxes in the garage is disheartening to me.

The only thing I have done is make beaded jewelry with cabochons, and make rock displays for rock shows. Now I want more and wonder what is next? I have thought of trying to supplement my income by selling some of my slabs and jewelry. Is that possible? Any suggestions will be appreciated.


From Sharon - March 29, 2010 at 19:29:15

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