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Pennsylvanian fossils

Hello friends,

I just discovered one of the most rich fossil beds I have ever seen even counting inside coal mines and its ON MY PROPERTY. Lucky me lol, but there is a problem. These fossils are in very very soft shales bordering a tough clay mudd type material, they range from red to gray. In one area anything hard you strike is indeed a fossil or petrified root or wood, some of the fossils are rounded have voids inside and one has two small circular things that kind of look like eggs or maybe big seeds. Other than that all are wood or plants so far but I have barely started because I don't really know how to properly uncover them.

How big of an area should I remove all the overburden? Anyone know any good sites that describe how to unearth fossils properly? I am sick of breaking a good fossil in half with a novice move and I want to start pulling up whole clean and pretty fossils, the red ones are especially pretty, some of these things the leaves you can actually lift right off the rock as if they are not fully fossilized yet.

Any advice?

From Andrew - March 27, 2010 at 09:14:39

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