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Eastern Kentucky Ironstones/nodules

I have an excellent location for collecting ironstones and nodules on my property. Some of them seem to be mostly iron, however some are strange and irregular with many colors.. mostly yellow/gray/orange, sometimes it looks like veins inside the thing sometimes it is just flakes. So far I am collecting at the base of outcroppings, I am not sure what layer I need to be digging in lol, I have several shale layers exposed, a fire clay seem, and 5 different coal seems.. oh yeah and I have sandstone too if I go down to creek level.

I am new to this stuff, I just found out that what I thought was an old coal mine was actually mostly for ironstones.. I found parts of the ruins of an old iron furnace on the property!! Yeah I'm about to search every square inch of the mountain and rig me up a metal detector of some kind.

What can I look forward to finding in these irregular rocks? I hope not just iron, would be cool to find gypsum and chert which I believe are supposed to be in the layers.

I have unique geology here because of a rare fault line, I believe wolf creek has the deepest exposed rock layers in this area. And apparently local geology gives me lots of iron at least lol, I have found about 6 ironstones that have just fell out of the railroad cut and rolled right down onto my right away :).

If anyone can help you I"ll let you hunt for free! I think I have some other nodules but I'll have to make a youtube of it because its weird to describe. It has like a clay layer around a very hard rocky material, its a freak layer only about 12 inches high by about 20 feet wide in the cut, and its broken up into stump looking rocks, almost like you cut a piece of firewood and let it petrify there. But its not a kettle bottom I see those in the mines.

Anyone know about lower pennsylvania ironstones and nodules? I think I'm in the hyden, four courners, and princess formations all the way at the top.. hyden at the bottom where I am scratching at the rocks lol.

From Andrew Vogeler - March 25, 2010 at 00:49:40

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