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Posted in response to Holly Blue from Warren on February 20, 2010 at 22:53:33:

Re: Holly Blue

Hi Warren,

Never dug there myself, but I think all the pits were hand dug. The agate apparently formed in cracks in the basalt host rock, which then weathered away. I have a fractured slab from a fist sized chunk, but most of the pieces are smaller. I suspect there is still a lot a agate in the ground--who knows how deep it goes. Every once in a while Terry Maple has some larger pieces on his ebay auctions, but the prices get pretty high in a hurry. I'll post a pic of 12 oz piece that he auctioned about a year ago--it sold for $228 (not to me, but I did download the pic). I picked up some nice smaller pieces at the Madras show last summer. I would recomend that over ebay if you can get out there.

The site has been posted for over 10 years, and the landowners are very serious about it (as in you will go to jail if caught trespassing). The land is used for growing trees.

I still don't know why they call a lavender agate "blue".


From Mark - February 21, 2010 at 18:22:43

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