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collecting trip advice

Hello all,
I wrote late last fall about collecting sites for new rockhounds in Arizona as were going to be flying into Tucson to see our kids. Well the plans have changed a bit and we will be driving down instead! Our path will have us crossing all of south Texas, and southern New Mexico going out, and through Oklahoma & Missouri coming back. We're not on any particular time frame so can stop anytime we want too! Would appreciate any advice on collecting in any of the above mentioned states. We're really looking forward to this first rockhounding adventure! I'm finding it's like many other hobbies in that it looks like an easy, inexpensive way to pass some time, yet we're now an easy couple of hundred bucks into tools, etc, and haven't even started planning on saws, or polishing equipment! I guess my other hobby of SCUBA diving isn't as expensive as it once seemed!
To all of you that replied to my previous post a big "thanks"! Take care, and hope all your days are full of rockhounding adventures.
John & Katherine Krajenka
The Root System
Jonesville, MI

From John K. - February 02, 2010 at 11:43:48

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