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Shefflers Rock Shop and Geode Mine open

I just returned from N.E. Missouri where my parents and I went to find some geodes. I had heard of the Shefflers place, but with all the old information on the internet, I wasn't sure weather or not it was still open. We figured that there were still plenty of places to look though. We were headed for keokuk on highway 27, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a sign that said rock shop. Thinking that we might be able to at least get some information my dad found the next turn around spot and headed back. When we got back to the shop, we got a pleasant surprise, it was Shefflers rock shop, and it was open. We went in to the small trailer that was now serving as the rock shop and there met Tim Sheffler, a very pleasant man. We talked with him for a while about some of the interesting rocks, geodes and fossils that filled his glass cases. After we talked to Mr. Sheffler about mining the next day, we were on our way out, when some people in an SUV pulled up to the shop to check in. They had three buckets pretty much full of geodes. The mother and son looked as if they had been wallowing in a mud hole. As they were washing off in the hose, we listened to the father tell of their adventure, then we left.
The next day we arrived at 9:00 in the morning. After getting some instructions and helpful tips we crossed the highway to the mine area. Eager to get started we drug all our tools to the spot suggested by Tim. There were three others there, they were going at it, They had picks and slide hammers trying to break up the shale. They were finding lots of geodes though. My parents found them a spot and got started, I on the other hand wanted to try something a little different. Tim told us about someone from the GPAA that had found a little gold at the mine,I'm sure it wasn't more than some specks, but gold is gold so I gave it a try. The creek near the mine has soft mud along the banks so it was difficult to get to the water. I gave up my quest for gold and turned my attention to what caused me to drive for seven hours to get there, geodes.
The geode hunt started off kinda slow for me. I think that I was digging in someone else's hole. I managed to find a few, some really nice ones. Mr. Sheffler came over to see how we were doing, we were taking a water breakwhen he showed up, so we visited for a little bit and he walked down to the mine with us. He started to point out areas that we should try. He suggested that I try the hole the people that were there the day before were digging in. I know now why they were all muddy, but he was right, he took my pry bar and started poking around in the mud,and he would say there's one and sure enough there it was. In no time at all my bucket was nearing the top. I walked over to check on my parents, and he (Tim) was with them sitting on the ground showing them a honey spot near a tree. By the end of the day we had three buckets full. I told my dad that looking for geodes reminded me of when your fishing and you have to leave while the fish are still biting, those geodes were still everywhere.I can't wait to go back.
Anyways here is all the current information as of 5/24/2009.

Sheffler Rock Shop
RR1 Box 171
Alexandria, MO 63430

Six miles south of Alexandria, MO at junction of Highway 61 & 27

1 (660) 754 - 1134

$25.00 per day for up to 50 pounds of geodes, 75 cents a pound for anything over.

From Gerald L. Gillming Jr. - June 05, 2009 at 10:09:25
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