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Posted in response to Saw Blades from Knapper on July 29, 2008 at 08:53:26:

Re: Saw Blades

For any blades over 10 inches in size, I only use the large granite/concrete/asphalt blades for cutting. They are thicker, so you get more waste, but they will never warp, bend, or flex. A stone can jam, but will never bend a blade. Since they don't flex, they never skip on cuts, so the cuts are always perfect. If the front of the stone is slanted, they cut right through straight instead of deflecting and ruining the cut like lapidary blades do. While dealers talk about brand A for asphalt and B for concrete and C for granite/stone, I could care less and never see a difference. They all have diamonds and all cut fine. I only use thin lapidary blades for tiny, very expensive rocks I may have purchased. The price of these construction blades is less than half the lapidary blades. The large blades are all segmented, that is, have deep slots for stone grit removal, so the only difference is that they make more sound as each segment contacts the rock. They make a rumbling sound. Big deal. Cheap is cheap. The smooth cuts saves a lot of time making cabs. While a lot of lapidary blades have coated diamonds, all construction blades are sintered diamonds, meaning the diamonds are mixed in with the steel rim segments that are welded to the blade rim. Get a rim with 5/8th of an inch of sintered diamond and you will be old before it wears out. Lapidary blades have what, 1/8th of an inch rims typically? The math just works out that the extra waste for the thicker construction blades is well worth their hassle free use. The only time I obtained a large lapidary blade, is if it came with a large saw I purchased. I keep them for their use as scrap steel.

From Don Kasper - September 15, 2008 at 08:23:40

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