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Re: Locating Mines in NH

ALTON, area mines⎯Arsenopyrite and Pyrite.
GILMANTON, area fields, roadcuts, etc.⎯jasper.
NEW HAMPTON, the Storer prospect⎯Mica.
BARTLETT, Iron Mt. prospect⎯Iron ore.
CHATHAM, the Chandler mine⎯Feldspar.
CONWAY: �� NW 2� mi., the Lovejoy Gravel Pits, Hwy., 16 N � mi., then Left on
Passaconaway rd., cross bridge, go 0.3 mi., then Left to gravel road and N � mi.⎯
Microcline feldspar, Smoky Quartz crystals and Topaz; �� White Mountain Granite
Quarry, at 700 ft. level on W side of Birch Hill⎯Amethyst; �� 2 mi. N of North Conway,
then E on Hurricane Mt. rd. 3� mi., take trail from top � mi. W follow old rd. to ledges in
Hurricane Mt.⎯Amethyst and Smoky Quartz; The Hurricane Mt. prospect⎯
Crocidolite, Adularia.
EATON CENTER, NE 2 mi., at Randall Lead Mine⎯Smoky Quartz.
JACKSON, area mines, especially the Jackson mine⎯Arsenopyrite, Bornite,
Cassiterite and Wolframite.
MADISON, area mines (Burke, Banks, Hoyt, Madison) ⎯Galena, Silver and
NORTH CHATHAM (extreme NE corner of Co., on Rte. 113), W 3� mi., at 2,900 ft.
level on E side of South Baldface Mt., area pegmatites and in pockets where pegmatites meet
talus slope⎯Mica (Biotite, Muscovite), Microcline feldspar, Phenakite, Topaz (brown,
blue) and Smoky Quartz crystals.
NORTH CONWAY, take rd. W to Echo Lake, then jeep road W to Camp Albite, park
and walk � mile W to dig in Moat Mt. There is also collecting at South Moat and the
Hogback E of Middle Moat (fee)⎯Topaz , Amazonite and Smoky Quartz.
OSSIPEE: �� (Co. seat and site of the Ossipee Summer Fish Hatchery), area
mines⎯Chalcopyrite, Lead-Silver minerals; �� in ledge S of road at Passaconway Quarry
near Albany⎯Smoky Quartz; �� Pocket Mt. Prospect⎯Gold.
REDSTONE (Conway Twp.), the Redstone Red Quarry, between Conway and North
Conway E of Hwy. 302⎯Amethyst, Apatite, Quartz crystals (clear, smoky) and Topaz.
SANDWICH, the White Diamond prospect⎯Gold.
WAKEFIELD: �� Weeks Mine � mi. W of Province Lake⎯blue Beryl, Feldspar; ��
Hamm Quarry⎯Apatite (fluorescent).
ALSTEAD: �� Area old mines producing Beryl (Colony, Allen, Lyman, Fitzgibbon,
Porter, Big, Tripp No. 1, Island, Blister, Burroughs Prospect, French, Beauregard, Osborne,
Eames) ⎯Beryl with either Mica, Feldspar or both.
CHESTERFIELD, N 2 to 4 mi. on Rte. 63, on W side of Spofford Lake and just W of
the Hwy., area mines (Springer, Pierce) ⎯Fluorite.
FITZWILLIAM, at Victoria White and Webb-Fitzwilliam granite quarries⎯ rutilated
GILSOM: �� area old mines producing Beryl (Nichols, Kirk No. 1 & 2, Isham, H.
White, J. White) Beryl with either Mica, Feldspar or both; �� NNW 2� mi. on a connecting
rd., the Island Mice Mine⎯Beryl, etc.; �� NNW 3� mi., Britton Mine, Pegmatite⎯Beryl,
etc.; �� N 5� mi., the Wenham Mine, in pegmatite⎯rose Quartz.
HARRISVILLE, area old Newell Graphite mine⎯Graphite.
HINSDALE: �� area pegmatites⎯Tourmaline, etc.; �� 1 mi. SE near Ashuelot R.
⎯pink Rhodonite.
KEENE: �� E 4� mi., on S side of Horse Hill, Pegmatite outcrops⎯Aquamarine,
Beryl, etc.; �� ENE 5 mi., Bassett Hill, area pegmatite outcrops, pits, etc.⎯Beryl; �� Keene
Granite Quarry, 3 mi. SE⎯Beryl, smoky and rose Quartz; �� Will Wise Mine, Hwy. 9 W for
11 mi., pass Sherman Store, turn Right at sign saying �1st Methodist Church in New
Hampshire� go �, then Right on dirt rd. 1� mi., then Left 3 mile, and a sharp Left onto mine
road, park and walk up Bald Hill⎯Fluorite.
MARLBORO, mi. S at Webb Granite Quarry⎯Almandite garnet.
MARLOW, at Turner Mine⎯green Tourmaline.
NELSON, area old mines (Osgood, Lead) ⎯Graphite.
RICHMOND, in Richmond Soapstone Quarry⎯Cordierite.
SURRY, the old Surry Dam mine⎯Mica, Beryl.
WALPOLE: �� area pegmatites⎯Tourmaline; �� at Howe Lodge on W side of Dery
Hill⎯Beryl, rose Quartz.
WESTMORELAND: �� area old Fluorite mines (Wise, Stoddard No. 13) ⎯Fluorite;
�� S 3 to 5 mi.⎯Fluorite; �� Stoddard Mine⎯Amethyst and Quartz crystals; �� at Park
Hill⎯Staurolite; �� the old Lincoln mine⎯Molybdenite.
WINCHESTER: �� area pegmatite exposures, pits, etc.⎯Tourmaline; �� near top
of Stony Mt.⎯Rhodonite.
AREA: �� in the topsoil of the regional mountain ridges surrounding the
communities of Berlin, Dummer, Lancaster, Milan, Northumberland and Stratford
⎯Amethyst and Quartz crystals; �� Indian Stream (extreme NW part of both Co. and
State), headwater branches, numerous regional placers⎯Gold (colors, nuggets).
BERLIN: �� (a) at cave W of trail and (b) at 1,200 ft. level on S side of Jasper Mt.
⎯jasper; �� the old Howard prospect⎯Copper; �� the J. Gagne property⎯Feldspar,
DALTON, the old Dalton prospect⎯Gold.
GORHAM: �� area mines⎯Chalcopyrite; the old Mascot Mine⎯Lead.
MILAN: �� all area pegmatite exposures⎯Albite, Amethyst, Beryl, Chlorite,
Feldspar, Fluorite, Knebelite, Limonite, Molybdenite, Muscovite, Pyrite, Smoky
Quart crystals, Sericite and Topaz; �� area mines⎯Bornite, Chalcocite (with Gold and
Silver), Chalcopyrite, Galena, Pyrite and Sphalerite; �� (a) Greens Ledge, area
pegmatite exposures⎯Albite, Amethyst, Beryl, Chlorite, Feldspar, Fluorite,
Knebelite, Limonite, Molybdenite, Muscovite, Pyrite, Smoky Quart crystals, Sericite
and Topaz.; (b) W and 3 mi. S at 1,700 ft. level of Greens Ledge⎯Amethyst and Topaz.
PERCY: �� NNW 1� mi., Victors Head area pegmatites⎯Albite, Amethyst, Beryl,
Chlorite, Feldspar, Fluorite, Knebelite, Limonite, Molybdenite, Muscovite, Pyrite,
Smoky Quart crystals, Sericite and Topaz; �� on W slope of Hutchin Mt.⎯Amethyst.
SHELBURNE: �� area copper and zinc mines⎯Bornite and some Sphalerite; ��
area lead-silver mines⎯Lead-Silver minerals and Pyrite.
STARK: �� all regional pegmatite exposures⎯Albite, Amethyst, Beryl, Chlorite,
Feldspar, Fluorite, Knebelite, Limonite, Molybdenite, Muscovite, Pyrite, Smoky
Quart crystals, Sericite and Topaz; �� (a) N 5 to 6 mi., Percy Peak, pegmatites exposed on
Diamond Ledge, and (b) Hutchins Mt., area pegmatites ⎯Albite, Amethyst, Beryl,
Chlorite, Feldspar, Fluorite, Knebelite, Limonite, Molybdenite, Muscovite, Pyrite,
Smoky Quart crystals, Sericite and Topaz.
STRATFORD, along rd. near Sugarloaf⎯Amethyst.
WEST MILAN, the Milan Mine⎯Pyrite and Silver minerals.
AREA, in soils and gravels around shores of Mink Pond⎯Staurolites.
ALEXANDRIA, in mine dump at 2,000 ft. level on N side of Hutchins Hill⎯Beryl.
BATH, area mines (Lang, Stevens, Forsaith) ⎯Chalcopyrite, Gold, Lead and
ENFIELD, at Shaker Hill Granite Quarry ⎯Quartz crystals with Epidote
FRANCONIA: �� area mines⎯Malachite and Essonite garnet; �� area ridges,
hillsides and fields, in topsoil⎯Andradite garnets; �� in Ammonoosuc R.⎯jasper.
GRAFTON CENTER: �� in dumps of mines 3 mi. SW on E side of Melvin
Hill⎯Beryl (blue and golden); �� Kilton Mine, via Ruggles Mine Road, crossing Manfeltree
Brook, keeping R and then � mi. NE⎯Beryl (blue and golden); �� NW 1� mi., the Ruggles
Mine (a noted producer), take direct road W from Grafton Center 1� mi. to crossroads, then
across brook and up hill � mi. (fee)⎯Amethyst, Apatites, Autunite (fluorescent),
Bertrandite, Beryl (blue, golden), Beta-uranophane, Calcite, Chrysoberyl, Clarkeite,
Columbite, Compotite, Cymatolite, Kryolite, Dendrite, Feldspar, Garnet,
Graftonite, Gummite, Kasolite, Lepidolite (yellow), Lepidomelane, Lithiophyllite,
Marcasite, Micas, Molybdenite, Parsonite, Phosphyanylite, Pyrite, Psilomelane,
Purpurite, Pyrrhotite, Quartz (rose, smoky, white), Reddingite, Soddyite (yellow,
fluorescent), Safflorite, Sillimanite, Staurolite, Torbernite, Topaz, black Tourmaline,
Uraninite, Uranium, Uranophane, Uranospinite, Vandendriesscheite, Vivianite,
Voelerkenite, Zircon; �� Sargent Mine, on N end of Horse Hill, by driving to top and
taking ridge trail on foot⎯Beryl (blue and golden); �� Alger Mine, take rd. S where Ruggles
Mine Road leaves Grafton Road, go on a mi.⎯blue Beryl, rose and smoky Quartz.
HANOVER: �� area gravels, pits and surface⎯jasper, rutilated Quartz crystals; ��
area mines⎯Malachite; �� at Moose Mt.⎯rutilated Quartz.
HAVERHILL: �� area mines⎯Arsenopyrite; �� a nearby large deposit,
mined⎯soapstone; �� in Limonite at Black Mt.⎯Quartz crystals.
HEBRON, SW 2 mi. at mine dump on E side of Hobart Hill⎯Beryl and Lepidolite.
LANDAFF, the old Allen prospect⎯Gold.
LEBANON, area mines⎯Arsenopyrite.
LINCOLN, on upper slopes of Mt. Nancy⎯Amethyst.
LISBON: �� area mines⎯Magnetite, Copper, Gold, Lead, Silver and Pyrite; ��
area ridges, hillsides and fields, in topsoil⎯Staurolites.
LITTLETON: �� area mines (Gardner Mt., Gregory, Quint) ⎯Chalcopyrite, Gold,
Lead, Silver; �� the White Mountain Mine⎯Bornite, Chalcopyrite and Malachite. A
mineralized belt containing many mines and prospects extends SW along Rte. 10 for 12 to 15
mi., including Lyman, Lisbon and Bath, and yielding specimen listed as under area mines.
�� on hill � mi. W of Garnet Hill⎯Staurolite.
LYMAN: �� many area mines⎯Arsenopyrite, Chalcopyrite, Gold, Lead, Silver;
�� the Dodge Mine⎯native Gold. From the Dodge Mine some $70,000 in gold was taken
between 1865 and 1875. A quartz mill was constructed in Lisbon to process the ore. The
veins pinched out into unproductive slate at a depth of about 100 ft.
LYME, the old Aldrich Prospect⎯Scheelite.
NORTH GROTON: �� WSW � mi., the Charles Davis Mine, (� mi. W of North
Groton, the dirt rd. S from the Cheever Road leads to mine) ⎯Aquamarine, Beryl,
Brazilianite, Lazulite; �� SW 2 mi., the Palermo Mine and quarry, (SW 1 mi., then N less
then a mi.) ⎯Apatite, Beryl, green Quartz, Brazilianite, Lazulite (massive); �� Rice
Mine, mi. farther from North Groton than Palermo No. 1⎯Apatite, Beryl, green Quartz;
�� Diamond Ledge Mine, reached by a road a mi. W of North Groton leading from Cheever
rd.⎯Apatite, Beryl, green Quartz; �� the Fletcher Mine, take Rumney Road but turn off
on a side road up Fletcher Mt. and go 1� mi.⎯Apatite, Beryl, green Quartz; �� Valencia
Mine, located on next hill NW of the Fletcher Mine⎯Beryl and Apatite.
ORANGE, at Keyes Mine, N 2� mi. on dirt rd.⎯Beryl.
ORFORD: �� area mines⎯Copper minerals and Pyrite; �� on Strawberry and
Blackberry Hills⎯Staurolite.
RUMNEY, at Belden Mine⎯Beryl.
SUGAR HILL: �� S 1� mi., on S side of Ore Hill, area surfaces, in
topsoil⎯Amethyst and rock crystal; �� summit of Ore Hill, in topsoil⎯Staurolites; �� S
1� mi. at Franconia Iron Mine⎯green Quartz.
TINKERVALE, NW, on Gardner�s Mt. (elev. 2,330�), area mines⎯Chalcopyrite,
Gold, Lead, Pyrite and Silver.
WARREN: �� area mines, especially the Warren Mine⎯Chalcopyrite and
Essonite garnet: �� SW 1� mi. on SW side of Beech Hill⎯golden Beryl and Quartz
WENTWORTH, Currier Mine, take Hwy. 25 N past railroad tracks, then first dirt rd.
Right � mi., park ask permission at house, take road through fields to mine⎯Beryl.
WOODSTOCK, area mines⎯Sphalerite.
FRANCESTOWN, general area land surfaces, gravel pits, etc.⎯jasper.
MILFORD, (a) in Bishop and Carlton Granite quarries 2 mi. NW; (b) Connoli
Granite Quarry 3� mi. SW; and (c) Kittridge Granite Quarry 1� mi. SW⎯rutilated Quartz.
CONCORD, in Crowley Granite Quarry⎯Smoky Quartz.
DANBURY: �� NW, on Co. line area about 3� mi. SE of Grafton (in Grafton Co.), on
Severance Hill, area pegmatites⎯Beryl, etc.; �� Wild Meadow mine⎯Beryl.
PITTSFIELD, the Silverdale Mine⎯Chalcopyrite, Pyrite and Galena.
WARNER, near top of Mount Kearsarge⎯rose Quartz.
WILMOT: �� N, a mine long worked for abrasives⎯Garnet; �� in mine dumps at
Stuart Hill⎯Beryl.
NEWMARKET, old Newmarket mine⎯Lead-Silver minerals.
RAYMOND: �� take Old Manchester Road W, then Lane Road a total of 2 mi. to the
(a) Chandler Feldspar Mine, (b) Smith Mine, (c) Welch Mine, and (d) Blake
Mine⎯Feldspar Beryl, Garnet, rose Quartz and Spodumene; �� in boulders on ridge
just N of Raymonf-Nottinghan town line and W of rd.⎯Quartz crystals.
CENTER STRAFFORD, Foss Mica Mine about mi. NW. Go 2.3 mi. on Hwy. 9, then
mine road to Right to Parker Mt. Mine on Blue Hill⎯Eucryptite (fluorescent), blue Beryl
and Apatite (fluorescent).
ROCHESTER, the old Bliven prospect⎯Pyrrhotite.
ACWORTH, less than 2 mi. S at mine dump on W side of Beryl Mt.⎯Beryl and rose
Quartz, Rutherfordine (fluorescent).
ALSTEAD & GILSUM: �� (N of Gilsum along W side of rd. to Mill Hollow, a group of
mines whose dumps have been productive): (a) Beauregard Mine (fee); (b) Blister Mine; (c)
Davis Mine, � mi. N of Mica Mine School; (d) Island Mica Mine, 2� mi. N of Gilsum, 400
yds. E of Hwy. 10 and W of school on knoll between swamp and pond; (e) Big Mine, N of
school; (f) Golding-Keene Mine, NW of big Mine; and (g) S of Gilsum on E side of Hwy. 10 at
the J. White mine⎯Beryl (golden, blue); �� Fitagibbon Mine⎯Apatite.
CLAREMONT, area outcrops of Micaceous slates⎯Staurolites.
CROYDON, area mines⎯Chalcopyrite and cupriferous Pyrites.
GRANTHAM, area Micaceous slate outcrops⎯Staurolites.
NEWPORT, �� the G.F. Smith Mica Mine at Chandler�s Mill⎯Augelite, Beryl,
Apatite and Lazulite; �� 3 mi. E at Youngs Hill (fee)⎯Apatite and Beryl.
SPRINGFIELD: �� NE to Robinson Corner (straddles Co. line 2� mi. SSW of
Grafton, and best reached from there), near summit of Pillsbury Ridge, the Columbia and
Reynolds mines⎯Aquamarine, Beryl, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz etc.; �� in soil at George
Hill⎯Amethyst; �� at S end of Melvin Hill in ledge on Joe Hill farm⎯Beryl and
Spessartite garnet; �� Player Mine at Pillsbury Ridge⎯green Beryl; �� (a) Reynolds Mine
near top of NE slope of Robinson Hill; and (b) Davenport Mine just below⎯blue Beryl,
Garnet and Quartz crystals; �� (a) Diamond Ledges on Long Mt., and (b) SE on Hwy. 4A
for 1� mi., then N to Globe Mine⎯Amethyst and smoky Quartz.
SUNAPEE, at Perry Sunapee quarry⎯rutilated Quartz.
UNITY: �� area mines⎯Chalcopyrite and cupriferous Pyrites; �� S 6 to 7 mi.,
various localities around Acworth and Beryl Mt., pegmatite exposures, prospects,
etc.⎯Beryl, Garnet and Quartz crystals.

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